3 tips for an amazing pet business website

I recently watched a video where a Google expert talked about quality content and what really stands out when it comes to GREAT sites. He used the words “amazing” and “wow” to describe web content that is truly powerful.

So what does “amazing” and “wow” mean for pet business websites? Or even veterinary websites? In general, it means offer a great visitor experience on every page; something worth sharing.

Here’s my interpretation of 3 things you can do right now to offer your site visitors an amazing experience they’ll want to share:

Get seasonal with your pet business marketing

Ah, summer. Hot sunny days. Warm balmy nights. Fun for everyone, including pet business owners and marketers.


Because pet owners have seasonal needs that you can solve! Summer brings a mix of joyful outdoor activities with their pets… and also some dangers. For example, seasonal allergies, vacation travel and hot outdoor settings can be tricky for pets.

This means it’s an ideal time for you to market your business with a seasonal slant that meets your customers’ needs.

Let’s look at some examples of seasonal pet business marketing ideas.

Use super footers to help customers find your pet website

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a Super Footer!!

Don’t want to clutter your website’s home page to explain what your business is all about? Try a super footer. This is a new type of website footer that includes information you don’t necessarily want to include “above the fold” where the sales copy is doing its job to convert visitors into customers.

A super footer is more like the housekeeping section of the page and may include a site map of all your web pages (a listing with links), your address and general contact info, a “blurb” about your pet business, a “sign up for our newsletter” box, or something else.

The super footer content gives you a chance to provide information about your pet business that adds credibility, context and clarity about who you are and what you do for your customers.

Let me show you some super footer examples and explain the smart strategies behind them:

Celebrate your pet business milestones with your customers

Woo hoo! Today I celebrate my 1-year anniversary as a pet-industry copywriter focused on businesses that serve consumers and B2B customers.

Since embarking on this path last June, I’ve enjoyed writing web content, mobile apps and other marketing materials for a wide range of exciting pet businesses including MyPetED.com, Ben’s Bark Avenue Bistro, Pawsitive Perks, EPO-Equine, and several others.

What a blast it’s been! My entire copywriting business has changed for the better thanks to this direction. And while I still enjoy providing web-SEO content and consulting to all kinds of companies, being immersed in the pet industry is a bonus because I LOVE pets and pet-related companies.

Now to the main point of this post. I’m celebrating my 1-year anniversary with you and giving you a reason to consider doing business with me (see below). You can do the same thing for your business.