Make sure your pet website content is worth SHARING

Did you hear that thunderous rumbling on July 23rd? It wasn’t another rainstorm. It was the sound of the buzz created by Apple’s unveiling of Flipboard for the iPad. Here’s a Website Magazine article about it, with the Apple video announcing it. In the web content world, nothing stays the same for long. Or does … Read more

Avoid this pet peeve of your pet website customers: confusion!

Just about every week, I come across someone who asks what I do for a living. When I tell them I help pet businesses (marketing to pet owners or veterinarians, etc.) improve their website content and results, suddenly they get very animated. They say things like, “I wish I could find a pet product or … Read more

i-Vertise your pet internet marketing efforts to find more web customers

  if the content works. Advertising legend Stan Rapp was recently featured in a YouTube video that captured his speech about the death of advertising. Take a moment to watch it. Stan makes a terrific point. He says that smart, thriving companies are shifting from advertising to “i-Vertising” — which means that all marketing efforts … Read more

What is a quality website when marketing pet products?

If you’ve always wondered why some pet-industry websites show up higher in Google results than others… or even yours… today I’m going to reveal what Google considers to be a quality website. You see, when a person uses Google to find websites that meet his or her needs, its algorithm for finding the best, most … Read more

Vote for your favorite website marketing to pet owners or businesses

Hi there, I’m conducting an informal survey and would love your input. Please tell me which pet-related website you love… and why. You can name one site or several — your choice. Please provide the web address/URL too. What makes it a great site? Is it the… User-friendliness? Quality of info provided? Products or services … Read more

Why it pays to work with a Certified SEO pet copywriter

Greetings – Today’s topic is about SEO copywriting — that magical blend of three things that make your website work (if it has these ingredients): The strategic and ethical use of relevant and competitive keywords (keyphrases) your prospects are using in search engines to find your pet products… Messages that are customer-focused; showing them how … Read more