Make sure everyone can see your pet website content!

I rarely use exclamation points in my tips, but this topic is becoming a biggie because of changing technologies.

First, a little story. Last week, I was meeting with a pet Internet marketing client and I saw the Apple iPad up close for the first time. It was swell and I thought, how cool is this?

Until the client showed me how her doggie day care website appeared on it. Ouch.

A big portion of the text was invisible because the website was originally designed in Flash. So instead of seeing company information, there was a lovely orange box with nothing in it. No headline, no inviting messages, no nothing.

The iPad hasn’t been supporting Flash technology. And even though a September 10 Wall Street Journal article reported that Apple has “loosened its control over” mobile phone and iPad software development, millions of iPhone and iPad users will still not see sites using Flash.

I’ve seen this happen with search engines, too. If the text is all within a graphic block or in Flash, it can’t be “seen” very well by search engines. All the content that could potentially help with search rankings is invisible.

Yikes! This could become a huge problem if your competition’s web content is visible and yours isn’t.

What’s a web marketer to do? Here are 3 tips that may help:

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What is pet seo and why is it important for online success?

Recently I was asked to explain the difference between SEO (search engine optimization) in general and SEO Copywriting for the pet industry… and why it matters so much.

There are a number of things that SEO means for any web site, including pet web sites, and copywriting is just one of them. I’ll try to explain concisely:

SEO is anything related to helping websites achieve decent rankings and traffic via organic search (not paid search results). If your pet web site is not being found in search engines, you’re missing huge opportunities for sales. Any of the following factors could be the problem:

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