Attract more pet business customers with “bright side” web content.

Human nature has not changed in 90 years. Pet owners still want to make their pets happy and enjoy their companionship. Pet business owners want to run successful, profitable businesses that delight pet owners, right? Make sure your web content helps them envision those positive benefits.

To convert your pet website visitors into customers, do this.

Focus your pet business web content on 1 individual at a time. Speak to that person as if he or she is the only one looking at your website. If you follow this advice, you’ll write web content that’s conversational, natural and personally inviting. This will help you grow your online pet business, one individual at a time. Let me show you what I mean.

The best pet marketing strategies start with the fundamentals

Is it true that we must always be very brief on a pet web site because people won’t read lots of content? See what marketing legend Claude Hopkins has to say about this common misconception that I hear a lot in the web content world. Also see how I answer the question, “How much content is too much for a pet business website?”

Marketing your pet business with content in 2011

Today I’m featuring an important article from eMarketer Digital Intelligence. It’s only “open” to non-subscribers for a short time at this link: That’s why I’m passing it along in my blog. I especially like the questions because they reflect my content-writing focus: how can your pet business use content to solve your prospect’s needs in a unique and engaging way? 🙂

The real value of your pet website visitors

I recently came across a powerful explanation of what each visitor to your pet website can bring to your business in VALUE… whether you’re marketing to pet owners or pet businesses.

With permission from the website (a contractor marketing company), I’m happy to provide this explanation that’s quite relevant to pet business marketers as well: “Putting a Dollar Value on a Browser In Your Site”

What is a quality website when marketing pet products?

If you’ve always wondered why some pet-industry websites show up higher in Google results than others… or even yours… today I’m going to reveal what Google considers to be a quality website. You see, when a person uses Google to find websites that meet his or her needs, its algorithm for finding the best, most … Read more

Vote for your favorite website marketing to pet owners or businesses

Hi there, I’m conducting an informal survey and would love your input. Please tell me which pet-related website you love… and why. You can name one site or several — your choice. Please provide the web address/URL too. What makes it a great site? Is it the… User-friendliness? Quality of info provided? Products or services … Read more

Why it pays to work with a Certified SEO pet copywriter

Greetings – Today’s topic is about SEO copywriting — that magical blend of three things that make your website work (if it has these ingredients): The strategic and ethical use of relevant and competitive keywords (keyphrases) your prospects are using in search engines to find your pet products… Messages that are customer-focused; showing them how … Read more